2 1/4" Metal Buttons with Different Available Button Designs



2 1/4" Diameter

Glossy waterproof cover

Sturdy metal pin back that does not bend and stays closed easily.  Looks dope on denim jackets, backpacks, and hats. 


Warning: 1.) These bad boiz will make you look extra artsy and hip and will scream "Hey! I support local artists and das cool!"  2.) The button back is a sharp pin closure. Avoid placing it anywhere that could cause bodily harm.  3.) If buttons get wet, dry off quickly as consistent water exposure can cause the pin's metal back to rust.  

Marly Hall Button Collection

Pin Design

    - Marly Hall Designs - Costume Design for the Dangerously Innovative - 2019 - 

    S T A G E

    S C R E E N

    C O U T U R E

    M  A  S  K  S